What’s a monster?

Enjoli Mixon the sister of Lovelle Mixon says that he is not a monster. Lovelle Mixon was the man that killed 4 police officers in Oakland, California. Her statement makes me wonder what and who really is a monster?
Maybe it's Ronald McDonald who, according to Deborah Lapidus of Corporate Accountability International, "is no friend to our children or their health." She continues, "He is a deep-fried Joe Camel for the 21st century." The article also claims, "Nearly half of Americans polled want the kid-friendly, French-fry chomping icon to call it quits, arguing he contributes to the country's growing obesity epidemic by luring youngsters to fast food joints."

Note – a Pole taken by KFI radio ran 64 to 31 percent in favor of poor old Ronald so I guess he is not a monster. At least he didn't kill 4 police officers.
Maybe the 8th grade student that was kicked off the bus and suspended for 3 days for "passing gas" is a monster.

Or maybe the student that was arrested for "breaking wind" is a monster.

However, I doubt if any police officers died from their "nasty winds".

Whatever happened to "farting" and what do you think would give off the worst smell, a dead police officer or a fart?

Nope, I'm sorry Enjoli; Lovelle was a monster….

at least as far as I'm concerned.


Gel said...

Interesting perspectives.It is crystal clear why we enjoy each other's blogs. You're a philosopher, too.
No doubt in my mind that the cop killer is a monster. His sis may be playing the "semantics" card. (Forensics and abnormal psychology and physiology in relation to criminal minds fascinate me, because I want solutions and it's like a puzzle to me to delve into their sick thinking.)

Ah, I have pondered the abhorrent cumulative effects of fast food and ole Ronald (Big Mac attacking kids' bodies in old age (and other topics I'll blog about seriously), but farting kids...haha and oy! You make the ridiculous point quite clearly (cough, cough) with no need to investigate further who is the stinkiest.

sg beatty said...

Gel....thanks..I agree about the enjoyment of blogs. appreciated your added words..much better than
....nice writing...

Gel said...

whew- Noted... glad you didn't say I had "diarrhea of the fingers." *wink*

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