After giving it much consideration I have decided to run for public office. Now to get elected you have to have a platform and some great ideas. Since the current politicians are for more taxes and keep getting elected I have decided that I will be for more taxes. My slogan will be "tax the rich, tax the poor, tax like hell until you do not have any more." I will be like Robin Hood. I will take from those that work hard and give to those in need. After all we must share and share alike.

However, I have come up with a new tax plan that not even the California legislature has not thought of.

I will toll booths at every port of entry and charge a toll to get into California. If you are driving into California I will charge you tax on the gasoline in your car. It will be illegal to drive on California highways using gasoline or diesel fuel purchased in another state.

I calculate that will come to $10.00 per vehicle to enter California and since we will already have toll booths installed we will be able to charge $2.50 per vehicle when you leave. California could earn up to one million per day and no one would be harmed by this tax. After all when you come to California on a vacation you are planning to spend money. What's a few extra dollars?

If you fly into California there will be a toll for those just passing through and a higher toll if you plan to spend some time here. I will charge by the day. It won't be a lot so everyone could afford it. I am thinking about 50 cents a day.

I will have a toll collector on every plane to collect the toll from those people just crossing over California.

I calculate California can collect an additional 50 million dollars month and no one will feel the pain. Everyone can afford 50 cents a day.

Come on all you tuna...spend a few days in California.

With my ideas...who knows....maybe one day ...Governor? out Arnold!

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