going green

I'm going to jump on the crap wagon.  I need to spread the fertilizer and get to be known as the "Green blog".

I have a great idea to green up the world.  My idea is to save water and grow hogs to feed the poor.

Step one is to pass a law against all garbage disposals.  We put all our garbage down the disposal and then run gallons of water to wash it on down the drain.

If we all put our food garbage in a "swill container" and had the city pick it up think of the water we could save.

Step two is for the state to create hog farms.  The hogs could eat the garbage.  We would create jobs in slaughter houses and the hogs could feed the homeless.

Hell, maybe I should run for Governor.


politics, lies, crap and "truth"

Politics and the season is nasty and I mean nasty.  We seem to be a split country...48% or so for each side.  The way  all the candidates think is the best path for election is to completely "Hitlerize" their opponent.  By the time the election season is over we have a government that is completely detested by 48% of the population. 

Seems to me  that is a recipe for disaster...interesting..seems like that is exactly what is happening here in the bad old USA.

My favorite pet peeve is the bad emails that circulate at random.  No one questions the "crap" they pass along.  The latest one to hit my computer.... 5 weekends (Sat & Sun) in October this year....supposed to be something that can only happen every 860 years or so...received that one from 4 different people...the good thing...I didn't pass it along...actually the 5 weekend thing happens every 10 or 12 years.

I used to email the sender of the false info and give them the real facts (if I could find them) but I lost a few friends.  They decided I was some kind of kook.  Everyone knows that if it shows up in your email it has to be true.

Finally, NPR has proved that reporters must write and regurgitate what they are told.
If a reporter has an original thought or personal observation they will be terminated.

Makes me wonder if what I hear on the news has any validity....probably not...actually I shouldn't be surprised. 

I have had personal knowledge of 5 stories that have made the papers in my 70 years of life and every one of them were reported wrong 

A couple down right lies and the rest - a lazy reporter not taking the time to get the facts correct.

But what the hell...everyone knows that if it is in the paper it has to be true.


what goes in

On my Old Grizz blog I usually write to prompts from Sunday Scribbling and Keith's, Carry on Tuesday blog.  It is fun and helps me to keep writing when I just want to burn my computers.  Ofttimes I see them (lap top, 2 desks and an I Pad) on top of a pyre of sharpened pencils and me dancing around the fire like a wild mad man screaming wonderful words like Ya-ha-ha, computers ha.

I guess there is frustration in everything we do.  At first it is fun. But then as we try to get better sometimes the fun goes away and misery takes its place.  I tell myself that I just write for fun but in reality I am just kidding my undeveloped mind.

I think we all write because we want to be heard (or in this case, read) and sometimes it seems like we are only whipping dead horses (now there's a ghastly comparison).  Maybe I should change the we to I since I really do not know the true feelings of anyone else.

I will say it...I WANT TO BE READ... There, I've screamed it to the world and I feel better.  Will that help me get an audience.  Nope, I need to work harder.  I need to get back to my book, and my free lance projects.  I need to submit them.

It's like God told me when I ask him if he would help me win the lottery.
God's reply..."You have to buy a ticket"

If you want "what goes in" to come out and be interesting, you (I) need to work harder.

I thank SS and COT for providing a place to revitalize my spirit.  I thank those that drop in and leave a note.  That always brightens my day.


Beautiful Boy


so young and innocent,
I give my life to you

please absolve me
beautiful boy

I was there once
but lost it

and my other son
will you be him



9-11 and me

I am one of those opposed to any kind of shrine to Muslims anywhere near ground zero.  We were attacked and our people killed and I was more that just a little upset by the whole issue.

It wasn't easy for me to watch helplessly while thousands of defenseless Americans were being slaughtered.  I am sorry, but it was a barbaric act committed by cowards who did not have the courage to face any man or for that matter, any woman on a field of battle.

They were not just cowards but gutless cowards.

Lest you think it was the act of a few renegades then you were not watching as the TV showed millions of Muslims dancing in the streets screaming their guttural screams in spasms of joy.

Now I have to listen to some Americans proclaim that it was our fault.   They say it will be good for religious freedom to have the mosque and a shrine to Muslims near ground zero.  Maybe we should build a monument to our stupidity and pay for a Super Mosque right on ground zero.

If they were so interested in creating peace and love for the Muslims in America they would not use our laws and our religious freedom to shove it down our throats.  In fact it is my belief that if the Muslim nations were so interested in peace and love they would donate the money to rebuild the ground zero memorial and then take there mosque somewhere else. 

Building that mosque where they want to is the same as if my son slaughtered your entire family and then I bought the property across from your home and erected a memorial to his memory.

However, America is America and since they own the property and the laws are obeyed they will be able to continue with there mosque.  It would be an act of honor and courage if they were stop their madness and build their mosque elsewhere.  That would truly be a mosque and not a memorial to those that slaughtered innocent American lives on American soil.  That used to be considered an act of war.

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