9-11 and me

I am one of those opposed to any kind of shrine to Muslims anywhere near ground zero.  We were attacked and our people killed and I was more that just a little upset by the whole issue.

It wasn't easy for me to watch helplessly while thousands of defenseless Americans were being slaughtered.  I am sorry, but it was a barbaric act committed by cowards who did not have the courage to face any man or for that matter, any woman on a field of battle.

They were not just cowards but gutless cowards.

Lest you think it was the act of a few renegades then you were not watching as the TV showed millions of Muslims dancing in the streets screaming their guttural screams in spasms of joy.

Now I have to listen to some Americans proclaim that it was our fault.   They say it will be good for religious freedom to have the mosque and a shrine to Muslims near ground zero.  Maybe we should build a monument to our stupidity and pay for a Super Mosque right on ground zero.

If they were so interested in creating peace and love for the Muslims in America they would not use our laws and our religious freedom to shove it down our throats.  In fact it is my belief that if the Muslim nations were so interested in peace and love they would donate the money to rebuild the ground zero memorial and then take there mosque somewhere else. 

Building that mosque where they want to is the same as if my son slaughtered your entire family and then I bought the property across from your home and erected a memorial to his memory.

However, America is America and since they own the property and the laws are obeyed they will be able to continue with there mosque.  It would be an act of honor and courage if they were stop their madness and build their mosque elsewhere.  That would truly be a mosque and not a memorial to those that slaughtered innocent American lives on American soil.  That used to be considered an act of war.


BPOTW said...

Well said.

Dee Martin said...

Amen. I will not dispute their right to build but it is to say the least, in poor taste, and in total disregard for the people who died and their families and friends.

Kipp said...

Still snooping around your blog from BPOTW...
I do not want them to build on site either. To me although they have the freedom to do it, it shows a total lack of respect to Americans.
One of my personal 9-11 moments is described in my post "Never Forget" @

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