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Politics and the season is nasty and I mean nasty.  We seem to be a split country...48% or so for each side.  The way  all the candidates think is the best path for election is to completely "Hitlerize" their opponent.  By the time the election season is over we have a government that is completely detested by 48% of the population. 

Seems to me  that is a recipe for disaster...interesting..seems like that is exactly what is happening here in the bad old USA.

My favorite pet peeve is the bad emails that circulate at random.  No one questions the "crap" they pass along.  The latest one to hit my computer.... 5 weekends (Sat & Sun) in October this year....supposed to be something that can only happen every 860 years or so...received that one from 4 different people...the good thing...I didn't pass it along...actually the 5 weekend thing happens every 10 or 12 years.

I used to email the sender of the false info and give them the real facts (if I could find them) but I lost a few friends.  They decided I was some kind of kook.  Everyone knows that if it shows up in your email it has to be true.

Finally, NPR has proved that reporters must write and regurgitate what they are told.
If a reporter has an original thought or personal observation they will be terminated.

Makes me wonder if what I hear on the news has any validity....probably not...actually I shouldn't be surprised. 

I have had personal knowledge of 5 stories that have made the papers in my 70 years of life and every one of them were reported wrong 

A couple down right lies and the rest - a lazy reporter not taking the time to get the facts correct.

But what the hell...everyone knows that if it is in the paper it has to be true.


Kipp said...

Coming to you from Best Post of the Week.
concerning the emails...what cracks me up too is why people will believe it as an absolute truth if says it is true or false. Who made snoopes all knowing?

gs batty said...

I do go to snope and also fact check but I agree they are not all knowing but they are places to use among others, the first being good sense. thanks for your comment.

Annie said...


I'm glad I checked out the Ben Stein thing I got this week. About half way through it, I lost his voice so I went looking. I found his actual commentary on his site and posted it on my facebook page. Also, sent it back to the sender on a reply all. Did not hear a word back. I guess I will count myself lucky.

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