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On my Old Grizz blog I usually write to prompts from Sunday Scribbling and Keith's, Carry on Tuesday blog.  It is fun and helps me to keep writing when I just want to burn my computers.  Ofttimes I see them (lap top, 2 desks and an I Pad) on top of a pyre of sharpened pencils and me dancing around the fire like a wild mad man screaming wonderful words like Ya-ha-ha, computers ha.

I guess there is frustration in everything we do.  At first it is fun. But then as we try to get better sometimes the fun goes away and misery takes its place.  I tell myself that I just write for fun but in reality I am just kidding my undeveloped mind.

I think we all write because we want to be heard (or in this case, read) and sometimes it seems like we are only whipping dead horses (now there's a ghastly comparison).  Maybe I should change the we to I since I really do not know the true feelings of anyone else.

I will say it...I WANT TO BE READ... There, I've screamed it to the world and I feel better.  Will that help me get an audience.  Nope, I need to work harder.  I need to get back to my book, and my free lance projects.  I need to submit them.

It's like God told me when I ask him if he would help me win the lottery.
God's reply..."You have to buy a ticket"

If you want "what goes in" to come out and be interesting, you (I) need to work harder.

I thank SS and COT for providing a place to revitalize my spirit.  I thank those that drop in and leave a note.  That always brightens my day.

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Daily Panic said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I agree sometimes writing is a chore, but sommething stronger brings us back to it! I thought this year I would submit submit submit and I even have a writers market... but I have a little fear and then I get lazy, and I havent written a query letter. I know, I won't get what I don't ask for, so I'll get back to my writing too! keep at it!

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