going green

I'm going to jump on the crap wagon.  I need to spread the fertilizer and get to be known as the "Green blog".

I have a great idea to green up the world.  My idea is to save water and grow hogs to feed the poor.

Step one is to pass a law against all garbage disposals.  We put all our garbage down the disposal and then run gallons of water to wash it on down the drain.

If we all put our food garbage in a "swill container" and had the city pick it up think of the water we could save.

Step two is for the state to create hog farms.  The hogs could eat the garbage.  We would create jobs in slaughter houses and the hogs could feed the homeless.

Hell, maybe I should run for Governor.


Wysteria said...

WOw... love the way you think...

Has to laugh at the crap


Barbara said...

You have my are the man!!! Besides you make me laugh. Great post.


Thank you for the comment on my Popeye and Me post. I appreciate it a lot.

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