Never give up

Last year i decided to write a book.  I had an idea and a possible story that may interest some people.  I had a  subject to interview and all went well for the first two interviews.  I started the book and had an introduction and several chapters completed when my subject bolted on me.  He is an illegal "immigrant" and was afraid the book would get him caught.  I was not able to complete the book because it was about him.  I could not force him to continue so I gave up.  I put the book aside thinking all was lost.

One evening I was looking at family picture of my grandfather and I remembered a funny story he told me. 

As a young man it was his job to churn the butter.  One morning after the cows had been milked and he had the Cream in the churn, he was carrying it to the front porch where he always sat to churn the butter.  On the way to the porch he tripped on something and spilled some of the cream and dropped the lid and the churning handle. He knew he couldn't leave the cream in the hot sun while he cleaned the lid and handle so he took the churn and the cream to a little crick that ran though the rocks near their home.  They had a special place where the water was amost as cold as an ice box.  He sat the churn in the water and went back to clean the lid.  While he was cleaning the lid some friends came by on the way to their favorite swimming hole.  Grandpa decided that the cream would stay cool and he could churn it later so off he went to swim.

About the time he had left the crick to clean the churn lid an old bullfrog came along and hopped right into the churn.  The old frog was unable to hop out of the cream.  All he could do was swim so he just treaded cream in that old churn trying to save energy.  After a while he began to get tired and almost gave up.  But that old frog wasn't ready to die.  He started swimming again but this time he swam hard.

When my grandpa got back to the churn that old bullfrog was perched on a ball of butter.  He had swam so hard he churned that ball of butter for him to sit on. "The moral of that story son," my grandpa said, "is that you never, never, never want to give up."

I decided to give the book another shot and called the subject.  He has agreed to continue with the interviews. 

I will finish that book


Kirsty said...

Great story!! I agree - don't give up.

JP/deb said...


indeed, never give up.

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