nice to be home

It's nice to be home after spending the last two days in the Vegas wind. 
The wind blew 25 to 35 mph both days we were there.  Getting sandblasted is not my idea of fun and games.  However, my sandblasted wife and her team took second place and even with sand in her eyes, socks and everywhere else, she is a happy camper.

Greta from "to write is right" asked about the slot machines.  There are millions of them but I do not play any of them.  They are too complicated.  I liked the old "one armed bandits" with cherries and one winner across the middle.  Guess I have even been passed by in the world of slots too.

On the lighter side I have always wondered why I have never been partial to women with big boobs.  Now I have the answer.  From the other side of the atlantic ocean I read that a woman almost suffocated her lover with her huge breasts.  I stole the following from a british press report.

"British woman Claire Smedley almost killed her lover during sex - with her enormous breasts. Mum-of-three Smedley, 27, who has 40LL breasts, panicked when she lifted them up while having sex and found that her lover Steven had stopped breathing.  "..... she revealed how Steven usually loved being smothered by her breasts."

"This time, he started flailing around a bit but I assumed it was because he was so excited, so I kept going. A few minutes later I noticed he'd stopped moving," she said.

Luckily they were able to revive him.

I"m happy my wife enjoys soccer.  She's to tired to smother me...even if she did have the equipment.

Also from the British Isles a couple of women tried to smuggle a dead man aboard a flight to Germany.  The following is also from the british press.  I must learn to give the proper credit but for now I am just letting people know that they do not originate from me.

"It's said that dead men don't tell tales or wear plaid. They also don't fly coach, according to reports from Liverpool about a foiled bid to sneak a dead elderly German man aboard a plane at John Lennon Airport. The wife and step-daughter of 91-year-old Curt Willi Jarant (in above photo) insist he was alive and just sleeping when they wheeled him into the airport Saturday for an easy Jet flight back to Berlin. Police surmise they were trying to dodge the estimated $6,000 it would cost to ship a dead body."

Sorry I didn't attach the photo.  He looked like a 91-year-old dead man.  However, I was not able to confirm he was German from his picture.

I informed my wife that if I died on one of her soccer trips and she wanted to fly me home, she should put an oxygen mask on my face and an oxygen tank in the wheel chair.  That might just work.  She said she would just leave me there.... OK...Ok...but, God forbid....not in Vegas

And from the other side of the world, Australia to be exact, I found the following piece of news.  No this one isn't funny.....It's heart goes out to her family.

"A Muslim woman was killed Thursday in Australia when her burqa got caught while she was driving a go-kart. The 24-year-old woman's head covering snagged in the vehicle's wheels, immediately strangling her."

This is a real tragic story.  No, I do not have a comment on the "Burqa".  This happened and it made me sad to read about it.

Guess I should end it right here..........

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