Vegas weekend

Made the trip to Vegas this weekend so my wife can play in her 60 and over soccer tournament.

  Last week I pulled a muscle in my back and have been hurting every sinse.  Hard to stand up and I walk like an old worn out crab. 

My wife played 3 games of soccer today.  She can hardly stand up and she walks like an old worn out crab.

brought our dogs so had to find a motel that allows dogs.....volla..Motel 6...not bad, room is cheap, has net access, a bed and a TV. has a shower and a sink.  what more do you need when you spend all day in the wind and hot sun.

spent super bowl weekend on the Vegas strip with some golf buddies.  different hotels...different people

the strip....lots and lots of money...high rollers..watched one man hire one of the dice tables for him alone so he could play the hard ways..watched him lose over 10,000 dollars and I have no idea what he paid for the private table

Motel 6 on Boulder Highway...people with less...people I call "the real people"....orientals, mexicans, blacks, gringos, me, my wife and my 2 schnauzers....all happy, friendly and enjoying life.

I like Motel 6


Greta said...

All you had to do to make the trip perfect for me was to mention the slot machines!

Mike and I have spent vacation time in LV, Reno, Atlantic City, and Biloxi for the sole purpose of mindlessly playing the slots (with an occasional Keno game). We decide how much money we're willing to lose per day and then do it!

Thanks for the memories!

Lord, I'm well over 60, in pretty good shape, but I can't imagine playing soccer. Kudos to your wife!

sg beatty said...

thanks Greta...I don't play the slots anymore because I can't understand them. My fun with the slots goes back to the one-armed bandits with the cherries. One line across the middle

gel said...

I've never been to LV, but heard the shows are great. (I love theatre, not gambling.) Your wife sure is active in soccer. Glad she enjoys it!

sg beatty said...

Gel...thanks for the visit...there are some very good shows and they are very expensive..the last show I went to was Redd Foxx...about 30 years ago...tried to see the tiger show (zigfried I Lloyd???)...bought the tickets (I think about 60 bucks ea at that time) the flu walking in and spent half of the show throwing up in the bathroom. they were very gracious and returned my money. never got a chance to go back before the tiger attacked one of them

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