You are all CROOKS

Well most of you. Why? (there's that word again) Why? Why? Think, Yes, I would like you to think. Also, I am included. I am as guilty as you are. We, that's right, we. We all feel it is OK to cheat the other guy just a little bit. You know sell somebody something without telling the whole truth. Let them find out after they bought it. Let them find out after they signed the contract. "Caveat emptor" "Let the buyer beware" Fancy words for "screw the buyer". This attitude is prevalent all through our society. Every thing you buy, from warranties on your TV;s to warranties on your new cars. All lies.....all frigging lies. You (and me ) are getting screwed (no kissing) every single day of our lives. The Nigerian scams are child's play compared to what American Companies do to us. Who do you think run these companies. You do. You and your thieving neighbors. We all cry about the Bankers, the Wall Street Boys and the Big Business CEO's. They are stealing our money. Bull Pucky Nobody really cares about what they steal. We are really pissed off because we are losing our gig. We are losing our opertunity to screw our neighbors. That is all we care about. We are losing the chance to get ours. Maybe we have sold our country out. Maybe we should look into ourselves. Maybe if we were to return to honesty our country would become great again.

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