I think I think........

As I watch the current political battles raging back and forth, an interesting thought keeps flowing through my head. None of them care about you. Yep that's right. they only care about them selves. And..............It is my opinion that the high spending President Obama is just like the rest of them. Greedy and power hungry. Think about it................who stands to gain the most? Who keeps the power? What does it matter to them how many poor slobs go hungry? Just think about it. Just think about it. What is the answer? If I knew I would run for president and they would Hitlerize me. Get it? They would make me look so bad that anything I said would be laughed at. They? Who are they? Now there is something to think about. What was that in my coffee this morning? Burnt (there, I used it anyway) toast. Dam I love Burnt toast. What is the difference anyway? Burnt.........Burned.............I'll Google it.

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