Dream Catchers

I am part Indian, Mohican, I am told. I really do not know if it s true. It really does not matter. I am not sure why I even brought it up. Probably looking for affirmation or something like that. Anyway I have a Dream Catcher hanging from the mirror in my truck. Often I am asked why? My answer is that "it keeps me out of harms way". Then they laugh and say "sure it does". Then they laugh. I know they do not believe me, but it is really true. My "Dream Catcher" works. Believe it or not, "it works". It works for me. Why? Because I believe, That's why. I believe because I make it work. I make it work by dedicating it to God, my family and my friends. When I get into my truck the first thing I see is my Dream Catcher. It reminds me of my family and my friends and makes me think about the way I drive. It is constantly in my vision. While I am driving it continually reminds me to drive defensively. You bet it keeps me safe. It keeps me safe by always reminding to drive safe. Does it matter that I am part Indian. No, but I am proud of it. That must be the reason I started out with "I am part Indian"

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