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I Wept The morning sun reflected from her face. I felt I was looking at an angel. An Angel sent to me by God. But why? Why would God send me an Angel? For what purpose? Her face was beautiful. Not beautiful as a young woman would appear. but beautiful with life, beautiful with love, beautiful with knowledge, the knowledge that she would soon be with God. Yes, I was the doctor, she the patient. But there was more. A relationship that existed but never existed. A feeling, something burning deep inside me. Some memory I could not recall. She awoke with a smile, her deep blue eyes, strong, intelligent, loving, searched my soul. Hi, I guess I fell asleep while reading. Do you read? I mean for relaxation for what I call "soul rejuvenation". No, I confessed, I am to busy for that. Do you know God? Yes, I said. I know God. I mean do you really know God? Do you speak to God? Ask him for guidance? Well, not really. I really do not have time for that, but I do believe in God. God would like you to talk with him. You need him. You need his guidance in your work. Promise me you will seek him. He is there for you. She smiled and peacefully left to be with God. I wept. I wept not for her. I wept for me


Anonymous said...

I believe it. Very nice. Succinct.

Amias said...

A very sweet story ... touching.

Story Teller said...

That was a very good story. I liked the way you used the book here.

Thanks for participating... keep visiting TaT :)

Anonymous said...

interesting take !! liked it ..
but i guess you could improve it with the punctuation !

Old Grizz said...

Thanks to all for reading my story and taking the time to comment. I felt your soul touching mine as we passed through the vortex of blog.

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