Why Burned Toast and Coffee? First, Burnt was already taken. I'll have to google that and see whose site I tried to steal. Second, I love burned toast. It tastes great when dunked in the coffee. Third, I'm getting tired of cross word puzzles. Fourth, I get all these crazy thoughts and have to spill them all over somebody, Why not you? I thought about an adult site with sexy women but quickly realized my thoughts would not be able to compete with sexy women so I will just ramble along hoping to catch a reader now and then. My thoughts will be political, religious and yes, sometimes provocative. I will post only 2 0r 3 times a week and that will probably use up most of my thought in about 2 months. When I exhausted all of my intelligence or stupidity (depending on your view) I will then be able to publish my memoirs and dunk my toast in peace.

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