Sunday Scribblings - Scary

Politics...Politics....Politics.....Scary.....Scary.....Scary. I am not bagging left or right, I am bagging them all. All Politicians State or Federal. They really have no idea what they are doing. They practice politics like teenagers drive cars, by trial and error. Bush and his pals had no idea what they were getting us into in Iraq. Now we have the great American Shopping Spree. Obama and his pals are spending Trillions and they have absolutely no idea if the spending will solve our problems. But the really scary thing is that what ever happens they will claim it worked or is working. And, it will work...for them. They are all up there getting rich and the rest of us...well good luck


gautami tripathy said...

It is happening all over the World, be it US or India!

Yes, it is scary!

as discussed in a writer's workshop

Kill Word Verification

June said...

You need not look to the federal government or to foreign governments for fear on this account. Watch your municipal government if you want to find political reasons for fear!

keithsramblings said...

No different here in the UK!Ho-hum.

quin browne said...

it's why i love huey long... he admitted he was crooked.

Jay said...

"They practice politics like teenagers drive cars"

That's a great analogy! Except they don't even have to take a test .. *Sigh*

Good post. :)

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