the good...the bad...and the ugly

the good...naturally our side
the bad...naturally ISIS and all who fight with them
the ugly...the president, the house, the senate, TV news, the talking heads - hell I could be here all night

Confusion reigns not only in my mind but I believe in every body's minds.

Is ISIS a radical Muslim group or just a radical group? That seems to be what the talking heads are arguing about and in the meantime, whoever the hell they are, they are storming through the middle east like Sherman marched through Georgia and General Patton marched through Europe.

We argue about what to call them and they lop off some more heads. Why can't we just agree that there the bad guys and paint black hats on their heads. After all, they do have the black flag to lead them while they kill anyone who doesn't believe as they do.

So, lets unite under a white flag and become the good guys and kick the hell out of them. The key word here is unite. But, they are there and were over here. It's not our war. Maybe, but we have the Mexican drug cartel cutting heads off all the time. Oh I know. That's Mexico and what the hell does that have to do with America. Again, it's not our fight.

I guess I'll have to wait until they get to Texas or Arizona with some kind of coalition between the bad guys before I see anyone become concerned. Well believe it or not, our leaders in Washington would have afternoon tea trying to figure out if Texas and Arizona were worth saving.

Maybe if they attacked the big rotten apple again that would wake someone up. It did once, but after Bush exacted what they figured was enough revenge we patted them on the butts and said naughty-naughty.

Supposedly the big hats at the Pentagon are saying we cannot defeat ISIS even if we use all our air power and send in ground troops. You have to wonder why. Is it in our rules of combat doctrine? Our troops have to carry cards that tell them when and who we can fight against. In the mean time his nibs, Abu Bakr alBaghdadi, just says kill every thing that walks...take no prisoners, unless it's someone he can put on TV and cut their heads off.

Now, since we can't beat them,  the latest plan is to defeat them with jobs. I guess that's why there was all that hullabaloo about making McDonald's pay higher wages. Sure that should work. Hey Mr. Baghdadi, Sir, if you take your friends and go home we will get you all a job a McDonald's. Why the wages should be S18.00 per hour. Just think of all the Hookah you could buy with that and I'm sure Micky D's would throw in all the Big Macs you could eat...such a deal.

Why do I think Mr. Bad Ass Baddadi is laughing?  If you don't, then I guess you've fallen for the BS flying around Washington.

By the time our leaders come to some kind of agreement whether Mr. Bad Ass Bad Daddy is a Muslim on a Holy war or just enjoys burning people to death of cutting their heads off, he will control all the Middle East and then watch out.

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