REFUGE Where is my place of refuge? Home would seem to be a natural choice. But home seems too simple. When I think of home it is not really a place of refuge. Even when you are relaxed there is always something nagging at you. The lawn needs mowing, the door squeaks or the sprinklers need to be fixed. Repairs never seem to get done. My home may be comfortable and warm but it is not my place of refuge, A place of refuge has to be somewhere your worries or cares are pushed aside. But where could that be? If not home, then where? What place or location? I do find some refuge in my writing. But writing is not easy and I am always fretting as to whether it is understandable.. Am I really saying what I mean? Will this word do the trick? Am I missing anything? Sometimes "spell check" can be more of hindrance that a help. Writing is a great outlet but it is not my refuge. As I pondered this dilemma, I decided to go for a walk. I decided a walk might clear my head and I could rethink my problem. As I walked I forgot about my place of refuge and began to enjoy the world around me. I sifted different ideas through my mind. I thought about my childhood, my life, and my family. My mind jumped from place to place. I dreamed. I won the lottery. I ran the marathon. I thought about my writing and I even decided a direction for a chapter of my "book". Then I realized that my place of refuge was in my mind. Planning, dreaming, fantasizing is my place of refuge. When I got home I did the dishes.


Sophie said...

I relate to this post totally Old Grizz. My home is my refuge from the outside world, but yes there is always something waiting to be done. My mind (whatever is left of it) is truly the one place I have entirely to myself where I can enjoy my thoughts and fantasies with no disrection. Thanks for the reminder!

Old Grizz said...

Thanks Sophie..glad you dropped in time I will serve sone cyber tea

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