I'm on a Mission

No, it's not a religious mission. It's a crap mission. To be more precise, it's a mission to expose crap. Internet crap. E-mail crap. I am tired of getting BS passed along because someone is to lazy to check it out. The latest being "the postcard virus" scare. "Beware, do not open any email that says it is a hallmark card. You will get a virus that will burn a hole in your hard drive" Dam, I thought, Maybe that's what happened to the plane that popped a hole this week. Somebody left a computer upside down in the overhead and the virus burned right through the top of the plane But alas, the hole burning virus is another net hoax. I know because I "snoped" it. I am sure most of you know what "snopes" is. For those who don't, it is a site to check out the truth of the e-mails that go around. However, it seems that a lot of people do not like me "snoping" their emails and then reporting back that they are sending BS. I have come to be called the "great snooper". Hey GS, are you going to snoop this one? I find that interesting because I am tickled when someone points out a piece of bad info that I have been using as fact. Embarrassed but thankful. I certainly know how to apologize for being stupid. I have had enough practice. I have to believe that a lot of people do not like to be corrected. I guess it makes them feel stupid. It should, because they are. Well maybe they are just lazy. "Look at this. It's great. Can you believe this? No, I can't because it's BS. These things go round and round and round and never seem to die. So I'm asking you to check out the stories. Be like me, "Snope" them and if they are not true, delete...delete...delete. By the way, how do like the picture of my new pet? It's a "Dogakeet". I call it "Bowsolly" Please, whatever you do, do not "snope" my "Dogakeet"


Lucy said...

haha dogakeet is too funny!
and yes.. I hate the BS too Griz
what I hate worse?? the people that Choose ME to send those BS BAD LUCK emails to. 'if you don't send this to One person... all kinds of doom!' Today I got one from a client that doesn't come to me to get her hair done anymore.. so she must have been thinking "who DON'T I care about giving bad luck to??" ERRRRRR!!

great post!

Old Grizz said...

thanks Lucy..We have a lot in common
my wife is a hair dresser, she has a brother that lives in the city and Mr. Cosmo looks exactly my female Schnauzer, Shiloh and we both hate crappy email

linda may said...

That looks more like a dosparrow to me Grizz :)

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