Dog doo and writing

She was a grouchy person. She never seemed to smiled and her comments were usually surly and mean. She lived alone and I rarely saw anyone visiting her. "Oh, she said, how can you stand to pick up that dog poop?" "Don't those dogs drive you crazy?" No, I replied I love my dogs and I certainly wouldn't leave their poop for someone else to pick up."Well, she replied, I wouldn't have a dog, they're way to much trouble." I walked on with my 3 schnauzers. As I continued my walk I began to think about the dogs. Why do I have them? They are a lot of work. As I walked and pondered, it dawned on me that they bring me love and enjoyment. I love having them around. Yes they are a lot of work. But so is anything that is worthwhile. If you want friends, you need to work at it. Friends, unlike dog doo, don't just happen. She did not seem to have any friends and I felt sorry for her but I realized it was of her own choosing. Then a thought came into being. I'll write about it. I began to think about writing, my writing. What is it that makes a good writer, I wondered? What makes an article or story worth the readers time? The answer is easy. Good writing is not like dog doo. It does not just happen. You have to treat writing like a friend. You have to work at it and when it smells like dog doo, you need to pick it up, throw it in the trash and keep on walking.


Lucy said...

great comparison! My writing has been dog do lately.. I just picked up dog do while walking my cockapoo..she is worth the trouble and so was visiting u! :)

Old Grizz said...

thanx Lucy. As one dog lover to another, always write and sift out the "do", but don't throw it away. you may go back to it one day and discover it wasn't "do" after all.

Whitesnake said...

I always wanted ta know the answer to what makes a good writer...... now I wish I was still wanting to know.....LMAO!

Old Grizz said... honor me by dropping in. thanks

powdergirl said...

Interesting perspective you share there Sir.
Thanks for the read : )

Old Grizz said...

thanks for dropping in. I enjoyed your blog tremendously. Certainly no time to sleep there.

latree said...

you have to work on any thing to be able to enjoy it. nice smash on my head, really. thanks.

Tumblewords: said...

Great analogy - nifty post!

Old Grizz said...

tumblewords and latree
tanks for dropping in

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