prejudice barks again

Meet my friend Shylo.  She and I room together along with my wife, mother in law and three other dogs.  I belong to Shylo.  I am her human.
She adopted me so that I could feed her, love her, bathe her and clean up after her.   She allows my wife to tag along because she needs someone the give her a hair cut.  She just tolerates my mother in law.

She is a great mother.  She has had two litters.   She  had eight in the first litter and 7 in the second litter.  They were all healthy and she did a great job of protecting them and mothering them.  She is just an all around great dog in every way that dogs can be great. 

Why do I bring this up?  What is the point?  Well I just learned that people are prejudiced against "black dogs".  That's right, black dogs.  I not saying it is political, it is just a fact.  At least it is here in California.  Black dogs are rejected at the kennels at a much higher rate than other dogs and therefore more are euthanized.  In order to get more people to adopt black dogs they paint their cages white and tie colorful bandannas around their neck.

I beg of you America, go out and adopt a black dog.  Lets show the world that we are not prejudiced.
Also, Shylo is pregnant again and her puppies are going to need loving homes.


Greta said...

I'm happy to say we're not prejudiced. Two of our last three dogs have been black.

I've always heard that people are more afraid of black dogs than dogs of other colors. Don't know if there is anything to that.

Our current dog (a rescue) is a dwarf golden retriever. Normal in every aspect except for her very, very short legs. She can't jump up; she can't sit up. She's practically deaf and can be very stubborn. You can look into her eyes and see her soul.

gs batty said...

thanks Greta. Happy to see your not prejudice against black dogs and that you did the rescue of a needy dog.

rebecca said...

That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. She is beautiful. Gorgeous. If I could adopt a dog right now, I'd go out and adopt a black one after reading this. Will keep it in mind and thanks for letting us know.

I also like the way you say she adopted you. That was such a great, great way to put it. :)

Mary333 said...

I am the proud owner of a black dog named Zeb. His middle name is Demonspawn:) I enjoyed reading your post, you have a great sense of humor.

b said...

I believe it but I don't like it! What adorable dog. Our cats choose us...they come to the front door, we let them in and the rest is history. Well, it has only happened twice. One resulted in over twenty years worth of cat and her kitten. Then we were found by a cat when we were in a motor at night. I love your stories.


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