Obama, now you've gone to far

Admittedly I didn't vote for Pres. Obama.  However I am a person that likes to support my president.  I don't always have to agree but I think it's necessary to pull together.  So when the president came up with the idea of back yard gardens I jumped on the band wagon.  I decided on tomatoes, cucumbers, green squash and watermelon.  I ordered the hanging garden from the net and set out for home depot.  Potting soil, several kinds of tomato plants, 1 cucumber plant, 1 squash plant, 1 water melon plant  and  $30 bucks lighter, I headed home.  By Friday I received my hanging gardens  and Saturday I spent a couple of hours planting my food for next winter.  Yes sir Pres. Obama, I am going to do my part.  I over watered the plants in the hanging garden and they all died.  The ones I planted in the ground seemed to doing fine.  Back to home depot to get more plants and leave more money.  That was OK because I knew I was going to have fresh food all summer.  I replanted the hanging garden.  This time I choked them to death.  I didn't give them enough water.  Not a big problem, the land based plant were  doing fine.  I threw out the hanging gardens and concentrated on ground game.  My wondrful garden was growing just fine so I let it tend it's self for a few weeks.  When I checked  my squash plant I had one giant green squash.  I harvested that one and never saw another squash again.   Well I still had the maters the cukes (notice how I'm beginning to speak the farm lingo) and the melon plant was doing just fine.  I would go out every day and check the "garden"  The cukes and the maters were growing and beginning to ripen.  Ah Saturday I'll harvest I thought.  When the glorious day of harvest arrived all the ripe maters and cukes were half eaten.  Some damn varmint  got my harvest before me.  I watched and set traps to no avail.  Every time the damn maters and cukes were just about ripe, that damn varmint would get to them first.   Then one morning I saw racoon tracks on my drive way.
A sneaky raccoon was stealing my garden.  I pulled out all the plants but the melon.  I googled raccoons and it said they are not partial to melons,  (I wouldn't bet on it).
I think Pres. Obama knew about the raccoons and had a secret plot to feed the raccoons of America.
Yes pres. Obama you went to far this time but I got even.  I caught that raccoon and dopped him off  on the white house front lawn,  I hope he eats all your Easter eggs.

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