goodbye america

I think America needs to be mourned.  After centuries of being the big man on the block America has finally given up her space on top and now grovels in the slop and swill of the pigs with the likes of all of the mid-eastern countries.  We now march up and down the streets in protest of bullshit.  We now fight over things that do not exist and things we do not understand.  We now murder and kill over religion and politics.  We now have street brawls.

What really makes all this great is that we have a "king" or probably an Ayatollah because our king just died,
The King is dead, long live the king.  Kennedy is gone, drifting out to sea on a pyre of fire.  Mary Jo Kopechne  is being vilified even after the death of her murderer.  She better not come back to tarnish the memory of good old Teddy.   She should be happy that she gave her life for the king.  Mary Jo Kopechne should be happy that she was not avenged,  Our King was needed to help the poor.  But the poor, the downtrodden are to bow before the new Rulers.  The people pay taxes, the new ruling party does not think they need to pay them.

The king of Los Angeles  Mayor Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa   does not feel he should conform to the laws they are shoving down the peoples throats. You poor plebeian bastards better not use to much water.  We, the elite,  need it.

Oh how I pray for the reincarnation of Robespierre.  Cutting all their flippen heads off seems like a thing the middle east does and after all, we are down there groveling in the slop with them.

I'm moving to Australia with "whitesnake"  he does it better and he will behead the "bastids" for me

goodbye america


Greta said...

Good Morning, Old Grouch, oops, I mean Old Grizz!

Now I understand the Burned Toast and Coffee thing. Just nudging you a bit.

Even if all of it wasn't to my taste/whatever, I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Old Grizz said...

thanks Greta. Sometimes I am a grouch ans sometimes I run off at the mouth. Probably got a little to worked up here. What really please me is to see you don't agree and are able and willing to say so. I promise to be a good boy, at least for a couple of weeks

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