Political Whores

Washington politicians and for what it is worth, all politicians are a bunch of whores. Souter proves it. He has no values except those that keep him in Washington, whoring for his personal welfare. The Democrats have just bought and paid for years for partying and living the good life with the stimulus packages. If you do not think you are paying for it, you had better wake up. California is a prime example of whores in politics and Schwarzenegger is the biggest whore of all. The lying commercials are coming hot and heavy in California. They ask us to vote yes and we can control the politicians. That is a bunch of Bull Shit. They will find ways to change the bills to be whatever they want them to be. Cutting spending or capping spending is not on their agenda. Take note, the only people that want these bills to pass are the groups that get the MONEY. They are throwing a lot of BS SCARE TACTICS at us trying to scare us in to voting for the measures. Do they ever cut taxes? Will they ever cut taxes? Vote yes for these new taxes and you will pay for all of these blood suckers for the rest of your life or at least until the company you work for is driven out of California. However, I do understand, that if you are one of the people who do not pay taxes, you probably do not give a dam. What the hell, who cares if they raise taxes. You will never bother to care until you have been driven from the welfare lines to the soup lines In fact if you really want a job for life, get hired by one of the groups that actually pay someone to pour the soup. They are going to be in great demand.

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