wind traveler

the wind
behind me
the sea below

a rock to hold me
from what?
I thought

the wind?
so cold to my flesh
yet so warm in my mind

the sea?
so wet to my skin
yet so warm in my heart

maybe my rock
holds my mind
in some deep crevasse

waiting to be
across the sea

can my flesh
follow my mind
to the sea?

the wind
can make me a sail

and transport
my flesh... my soul

to somewhere
my heart
would rather be


Mary said...

That just spilled from your morning coffee? I gotta know what kind of coffee your drinking! You transported me to the sea with this.

gs batty said...

mary - Thanks for that comment. I do not consider myself a poet so I don't try it often. I was pleased with this one but we never know what others will think

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