blue grapes

I supposed we all get miffed at times.  I am no different than others.  I get miffed on some occasions and down right pissed off on others.  In reality I do not have the right to get upset over most of the things that bug me but I do anyway.  I like to tell people that is because I am human.  We get depressed over the dumbest things.

I call these low times in my grapes.  Blue grapes are sour grapes with a sadness attached.  Some people have told me that Blour grapes would be a better discription but since "blour" is not a word I feel that would confuse people more than "blue grapes"

My latest depression or period of "blue grapes" was caused a fellow class mate in my writing class.  I hate to admit this but it really is a trivial issue.  I introduced blogging to the class.  I started a blog for the class.  It is a blog that all in the class can use.  The instructor now has a blog of her own and one of the other members has a blog.  I have tried to promote their blog on "Old Grizz" and get others to read their writing.  The other day I checked their blogs and both offer a link to each other but neither offers a link to mine.  I am really being petty but it bugs me.  I cannot do anything but write about it.
I have  to believe that if I ever learn to write people will want to read my efforts.

I am sorry that at this point they do not wish to support me.

There, I've written it and now I feel better.  It always help to share my  "blue grapes"
with others even if it is spitting in the wind.


Kirsty said...

Huh. That is annoying. I suggest just sucking up the pride, though, and suggesting that you get a link too. Yes, they should have thought of it, but your honesty will get you the same result!

sg beatty said...

Kirsty..thanks for spending a moment reading my woes of the day and commenting, My blue grapes have turned to gold again.

Lilibeth said...

People can be frustrating at times. It is possible, however that they just didnt' think about it. What's this? Oh, a link? Let's try it? Oooh cool!

sg beatty said...

Lilibeth...I think you are right and like I said, my "bleu grapes" was not realy desearved...I;ve moved on

gel said...

Ugh, like life, it sucks to be left out. I know the feeling. Often, I've been a loner, yet a leader and when left out, it hurts, especially when I thought I was part of a certain group. (I'm not talking about blogging, but the analogy is the same.)

Hey, I enjoy reading your writing!

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