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sub title.....attempting a book is too much work

OK, I tried it.....I wrote a book.  It wasn't a long book,  It had 135 pages including pictures, spacing and  half pages.  I wanted it to be short.  I like short.  I think if I had a choice of what to put on my grave marker, it would say:
He was here
Now he is gone

However, since I have chosen to be cremated I will not have these words on a grave marker.  I will write the note and have it burned with me.  My words and my soul will be wisps of smoke that circle the globe eternally.

The book was an attempt to write a story about an illegal immigrant being deported and returning five different times.  When I had the idea for the book and a real live subject I knew personally it was a hot topic but now it is old news.  No one cares any more.  My rejection letter was polite.

I hate polite rejections.   "Why...why...why?"  I want to scream.  In fact, that is what I did.  Why is a book or article rejected?  Is it bad writing?  Is it a bad subject?  Is is both?

I would much rather get a rejection letter that goes like this:

"Dear lousy writer:
I have laughed myself silly over your crummy book and I have not even finished the first page.  You should go on to another line of work.  Do not embarrass yourself any further.  Burn this drivel as soon as possible"
Thank you for the laugh."

Now that would be a good letter to get.

However,  "Thank you for your submission but at this time we cannot use your work", is a rejection that really sucks.

I am going to re-write my book and expand it into 350-500 pages.  I am giving myself 10 years to complete it.

In the mean time I will write short brief blogs.

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