I have know about her all of my life but I never tried to meet her until just recently. She has an illusive quality that makes her hard to grasp. I try to catch her but she keeps darting and weaving and eluding me. She is toying with me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot sem to catch her. She Laughs at me. she is always just beyon my reach. She taunts me. I cannot catch her. She says to me, I am here but without a personal effort you cannot catch me. I say to her, If I cannot catch you how can I grow? How can I improve? She replies, I am always here but you must try harder. You must want me beyond all your other worldy posessions. To hold me and feel me you must get rid of your old friend procrastination. You cannot wait until tomorrow. I move with the wind. If you are not quick you will never catch me. I am tomorrow and you remain as yesterday. I will hold out my hand to you but you must take it. You must embrace me. If you falter and let go you will never grow. You will never know me. I am change. I am not as easy as some may think.


Missy said...

what a wonderful approach to trying for one's best. If we don't put forth the effort, we'll never have what it is we truly want.

Old Grizz said...

Thanks for dropping by and eaving a comment. I appreciate your thoughts

carry on keith said...

What in interesting piece. Really made me think.

Old Grizz said...

Thanks Keith
I always appreciate your comments. thanks for dropping by.

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