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The bridge that was knocked down in Washington by a truck carrying an over sized load has my mind spinning.

One side truss on the bridge was hit by the load causing one whole section of the bridge to collapse.
Apparently the driver did not ever realize that he had hit the truss until he noticed the bridge collapsing in his rear view mirror. That tells me that it wasn't  a gigantic crash.

It seems as if the bridge was built more for an aesthetic view than for safety. It is really scary if one whole span of a bridge can collapse from one side truss being damaged or bent. It is similar, but of course on a much smaller scale, to the twin towers collapsing on 9/11.

I have often wondered why there wasn't much said about the structural collapse of those two buildings. It's as if no one was surprised that they were completely destroyed. I am not an engineer but I did work many years in the construction industry. I have walked among the steel girders covered with thick layers of fire retardant. I doubt very much that the Empire State Building would completely collapse if struck by airplanes in the same manner as the twin towers were.

My point is that we seem to build things without creating good foundations. I feel that is the same thing that happens in our personal lives and our political lives.

To many of us want to have the apple from the top of the tree without even growing the tree. We expect someone else to do the work and give us the apple. We feel we are entitled to the apple and I'm not sure why.

Maybe it's just because we are here. Look at me.  Here I am ...feed me.

Please do not think I don't believe in charity and helping my fellow man because I do. But, what happens when there are more people looking for the hand out than there are hands to feed them? How many undocumented workers can we support before the system collapses?

Our constitution says that we have to educated them, feed them, care for them just because they are on our land. When do we stop? After all of Canada, all of Mexico, all of China, all of Europe...when?...what is that number?

I know they come here for work...for freedom and I cheer for them but, at one point...when to many come for us to support...when the boy takes his finger from the dam, they will flood us like the flood in the bible and there is not an ark big enough to help.

In order to support and help those in need we need to have a solid base. In order to have a solid base we need a strong economy.  Strong economies are not built by people who won't work. Strong economies are not built by governments that that promise to feed the world with no food in their breadbasket.


Sandee said...

You and I agree completely on this issue. Yes we do.

Have a terrific day. ☺

George S Batty said...

Thank you Sandee..I appreciate you jumping over to this blog and reading my thoughts. As you can see I spend way more time writing stories than I do opining about social issues. It is a hot issue...glad to see I am not alone in my thoughts

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