"the alchemist"

This  is my first attempt at a  book review and is only a reflection of my own personal feelings.  If you have read this book I would be interested in hearing your feelings.

I read great reports on the book and expected something spectacular.  Instead when I finished reading the book I felt cheated  I felt like I had been duped and had wasted my money and time.  I kept reading because I had heard such great things about it that I was sure it had to get better.  However, it didn't get better.  I was reading a story about a childish treasure hunt.   I found the book to be just that..... shallow and childish.

Maybe that is the problem.  If I had been reading it as a children's story or a fairy tale I probably would have enjoyed the book.  It is a good children's book but it is not to be confused with great writing such as "Aesop's Fables".  In fact I would classify "The Alchemist" simply as a book to be put on your child's first or second grade reading list.

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