ode to the loss of a friend
the words do not come to lament a loss
writers have written tributes
to all the great and some not so great
but who writes words
for the loss of a friend
are there words to describe the loss of a friend? 
something special should be written
but if not by me then by who
words written for others
do not seem to be right for a lost friend
special words
should be penned and said
and maybe screamed
but if not by me then by who
something written special
to remember them by
something lasting and sweet
but if not by me then by who
sorry old friend
my words are not so great
but they come from my heart
and I say what I mean
I'll miss your words
and your smiling face
there 's a whole in my heart
may God be with you
Charlie Bush
where ever you are

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JP/deb said...

beautiful goodbye ...


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