Fool us once

While researching information for a book I am attempting to write I came upon the following quote by Thucydides.

"A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools."
Since I live in a nation run by fools I found it interesting that the same problems have beleaguered politicians since human life began.

Obama is the epitome of a beleaguered fool.  First, his inept handling of the gulf oil spill is a disgrace to America and second, his firing of an American War General puts doom on America's warriors until he is removed from office.  Which warrior in his right mind would want to step up for this president except those that are "yes men".

A system of cronyism is bad enough when it occurs in business establishment and political circles but when you make it part of the "military system" nothing but disaster can follow.

Lee Harris writing an article for "The American"  titled "The Revolt Against Cronyism" states the following:

"There are three obvious problems with cronyism. First, it is simply unfair. Second, it stirs up resentment, because individuals with the right qualifications for a job are passed over in favor of those with the right connections. Third, and even more importantly, it invariably creates organizations where those at the top are surrounded by "yes men," who will agree with their bosses in order to curry favor and promote their own advancement."

Harris article is listed under the "government and politics" section but certainly you would have to agree that a military is part of  the government.
Competant leaders hire  competant people not "cronies"
Obama fooled us once and now it should be obvious that has no more ability to run a nation than a fourteen year old standing in the halls of a junior high school.
Yes, he a likable person with a great smile and has empathy for the poor and the "havenots" but he absolutely has no ability to lead a nation.
If he is able to fool us again we should become a second class country. 

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Greta said...

I need to ponder this for a while.

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