the rat is the banker

My previous post, "the rat & the squirrel",  was based on a true happening in my back yard.
The Hawk grabbed the Squirrel and the Rat lived happily ever after.  I ended by saying the Rat must have been a banker.

Jeeves and Lion Chiller both wondered "why a Banker"?

I saw this event as a small scenario depicting politics and the Banking World.  The squirrel, (the tax payers) has been gobbled up by the Hawk (our government) and the Banker (the Rat) goes his merry way with our money  and does not consider the plight of the Squirrel (the tax payers).

A really long stretch but that is what I thought when I wrote the blog.  In fact I still do.

Also, I hear they are going to come back for more.

See how much can be learned by observing your back yard

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Rinkly Rimes said...

What a clever morality story! Indeed, the rats are scuttling back for more even as we speak!

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