the rat and the squirrel

The morning was cool with the sun just breaking through the morning marine layer. A strange occurance was taking place on the power wires running behind the house.  A squirrel going east and a rat going west on the same wire. I was drinking my morning coffee and watching the event on the wire.  Whicn animal would prevail, the squirrel or the rat. When they were with in 4 of 5 feet they stopped and stared at each other.  Would they fight or would they both turn and go their separate ways? Would one give in and back away?  If so, which one?

Then there was a hawk soaring above.  Would they see it?  Would it attack?  Which was breakfast?  The squirrel?   The rat?  They were oblivious of the Hawk.  I was hoping the rat would be the main course but that was not to be.  The Hawk swooped, grabbed the squirrel and was gone.  The rat continued along the wire as if nothing had happened.

He must have been a banker.


kenju said...

Perhaps the hawk chose the larger of the two choices?

Greta said...

I was thinking in the opposite direction: I thought he would choose the rat because it was smaller and he would have a better chance of holding onto it.

Never thought I'd see the day I'd be pondering (1) what would happen when a rat and a squirrel met mid-wire, and (2)which would be the hawk's target of choice.

Ya made me think, didn't ya?

Jeeves said...

Thats interesting! But why banker.,,,

Lion Chiller said...

Ditto to Jeeves! Why a banker?

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