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One of my pet peeves is the abuse of "handicapped parking". It galls me when I see someone using the space and they obviously are not handicapped in any way unless you count "mentally handicapped". But the worst of the abusers are the people who some how get the "handicapped" card or sticker and in no way need it. They use their "parent's" card or car and take advantage of the system. I have often thought of various ways to "teach a lesson" but since I am not a "handicapped parking" officer it is not my place to issue punishment. I just boil over silently when I see it happen. One time a friend of mine screamed at an abuser, "how do you qualify as handicapped, no brains?" The person just walked on without looking or responding. I wanted to flatten her tire but I didn't. Just recently I came across an interesting situation. What qualifies a person to be handicapped enough to get the parking pass? You would think that a heart transplant patient might qualify and to be sure, he or she does. However, if that person has recovered from the operation, does he or she still qualify? I have a friend that had a heart transplant. He has recovered nicely and in fact plays golf. We both played in a tournament in Palm Springs last summer and shared the same room. It was an interesting weekend. He had a ton of pills he had to take. He was well organized and took them exactly the same time each day. All of this information is really secondary and is just to show that he is handicapped but yet he can play golf. He does have the "handicapped parking" pass and used it where ever he went. I became confused. Who could deny a heart transplant patient "handicapped parking"? Why does anyone who can play 36 holes of golf in 3 days deserve a "handicapped parking" pass? You tell me. What do you think?


Greta said...

You just wrote my unwritten blog for me! Not having enough to think about, I've frequently pondered the question you pose.

My spouse is handicapped but not disabled from extreme fatigue, to the extent that he has unwillingly vacationed a few times over the years in the hospital. No, he doesn't have a sticker. He qualifies for one in NC, however.

My sister (she's computer challenged and won't see this) has a sticker and uses it 100% of the time. Granted, she uses a cane when she remembers to take it. She can and does go anywhere and everywhere she desires.

The point? Spouse doesn't need the sticker if he simply takes his time walking from the parking space to the destination. After all, he walks around when we go to the movies, etc.

Sister? She has offered me the use of her sticker more than once which I've always refused. I'll have to analyze why it bugs the hell out of me. Denial of her occasional dizzy spells?

I guess I think the limited spaces should be kept for people in wheelchairs, leg braces, and crutches.

In addition to this pet peeve, I am terribly judgmental about the overweight people driving about the stores in the provided carts. Yes, I know they could easily have some other problem in addition to the obesity.

Well, Old Grizz, you've got me started and I'm really a very nice person. And, unfortunately, I'm no closer to an answer as to who's handicapped and who's not than I was when I started.

Sorry. But thanks for letting me rant on.

Old Grizz said...

Greta - I wonder about the people in carts also. I guess we can find a lot to get bugged about. Howerver the parking situation seems to really bug me. I choose to believe I am concerned about those that really need it. Loved your response and you can "rant on" any time you need to

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