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Last week I wrote about faster horses. This week I thought I was going to discuss younger women and in a way I am. My original idea was to write about "men" and "younger women" but I spent a few days on the Colorado River with one of my children and her teenage daughter which of course is my granddaughter. She (the granddaughter) bought two friends with her, All three were 15, giggly and into boys big time. All three are very beautiful girls with awesome bodies. They spent the entire time in bikinis. Spending time with them caused me to ponder about religion,God and human development. My thoughts are very simple. Their bodies are fully developed and ready for business but their minds are obviously very immature and need a lot of developing before they are ready to go into business. I know this is the way of the world. We all went through it. Our bodies pushing us to find a mate and reproduce, our minds not knowing the first thing about how and when to mate. Today society makes it even more difficult for the young. Sex is everywhere. The shows on TV are just short of "R" rated. The results are lots and lots of premarital sex, children born to single mothers, a high rate of divorce, the list goes on and on and the resulting problems are horrific. On the other side of the coin we do not educated our children properly. We teach them basic language, math and science but we do not help their minds grow. We do not teach them how to cope and deal with their basic desires. We (the U.S.) are a nation of animals when it comes to reproduction. If it feels good, do it. Anytime, Any place, any person. I read in the paper last week that the Poet Laureate of the United States is only paid $35,000 dollars and someone said that is to much because no one reads poetry. Actually that person has a point, "no one reads poetry". I thought, how sad. Poetry is so beautiful and powerful but it takes some thinking and reasoning to get the full power of the writing. Another thing I have noticed is that very few people understand "Logic". They do not know how to think for them selves. They do not know how to look for the right information to make decisions with. Today's issue in the U.S. is health care. There is so much bad information coming from both sides of the issue that it is impossible for a honest decision to be made. Yet, people are screaming at each other. They do not have the slightest idea of how to have an intelligent debate. And then the big question slammed my mind. Why? If God designed us and we are made in his image why did he put reproduction on the front burner and mind development later, if at all? Why didn't he create a body that couldn't reproduce until the mind was smart enough to control the body? This is not a slam dunk question. In Southern California we have a large Hispanic population that reproduces very prolifically. Their customs lead to large families and the women have children early in the lives. The babies have few problems and are quite healthy. On the other hand, the white population is waiting longer to have children. Women are putting careers first and children later. They are using fertility drugs to aid them in getting pregnant. The result is more multiple births, more premature births and more problems with the babies. Maybe God knew what he was doing after all.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful,thought provoking post, Old Grizz. I ponder the same questions. I think it would be wonderful if our bodies would reach their prime at age 50, as that's just about the time when we have figured out ourselves and a little of what life is about. And absolutely nothing annoys me more than people angrily debating issues, especially political ones, when they have no fundamental knowledge of the facts.

Greta said...

I enjoyed reading this posting. Wonder if it's because I agree with so much of what you've said?

Actually, it's well written and that contributes a lot to my enjoyment.


Old Grizz said...

Sophie - 50 would be about right. I think even the politicians do not have an idea what they are talking about. No particular party...all of them

Old Grizz said...

Greta - I love it when someone agrees.
Thanks for the compliment

sarah haliwell said...

I really like what you have written here.

Old Grizz said...

Sarah - thanks for stopping in.

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