this & that friday

2 biggies screw up.....

bp oil in the gulf...rig blows up..big frigggin mess
     home grown terrorists....maybe - interesting that Pres. Obama getting ready to allow drilling off the
     the coast of Virginia...delayed....interesting that Shell Oil getting ready to build the same type of rig
     in Alaskan waters....interesting that anti-oil filing suit with 9th district today to stop Shell Oil.
     No accusations here, just noting the perfect timing

Walmart agrees to pay the state of California $28 million big ones for illegal dumping.  Illegal  dumping of what?  Illegal immigrants?....

     Women's discrimination suit against Walmart gets class action status which means the the big store
     will have too pay out $billions (yes I said $billions) in the future.  "Class Action Status" means that
     Walmart will pay the lawyers $billions and divide one or two hundred thousand between 20,000
     lucky down trodden women.  That comes to $10 to $20 per lady worker.  Lets hear it for Walmart
     and the "lawyers.

Ok here is the bottom line.  Both companies will raise your prices to pay the bill.  No, they won't raise mine, I do not shop at either place.

And teacher separates the white kids and the black kids in his class.  Then he takes the black kids to see  a high ranking black scientist leaving the white kids home.  Discrimination....not according to him...just a mis-understanding.

Nope...I have one more comment.......on's "new law"...

     The whole nation is going nuts over the "new law" but no least no one that I have heard or read is saying anything about the federal law taking effect in San Francisco soon... law inforcement officials will be required to check for leagal status of anyone picked up for commiting a crime...and...the Fed law will be going nation wide soon...isn't that the same law that Arizona just made into a state law?.....and S.F. is supposed to be a safe haven city...Come on one and all...lets boycott S.F. and the Feds

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