unfinished kiss

a squeeze of the hand
a soft hug
our bodies gentley caressing
our senses as one
her tender lips
looked up to mine
we touched
we kissed
she tasted so sweet
she held me tight
nuzzled my ear
and said so sweet
your kiss is soft and tender
and tastes so good
words needed\to restore
a wounded manhood

if only
i had tasted
those sweet lips more often
if only...if only...if only
word spoken in regret
words that cannot restore
a lonely man...a lonely soul...a lonely heart
if only
i had...i could
if only
she would
remember that tender kiss
given so long ago


if said...


This Blog Of Mine said...

liked your poem you posted Monday i wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by. leaving your comment on my Carry On Tuesday post I appreciate it.

This Blog Of Mine

Bernard S. Jansen said...

You've got me thinking about the wounded manhood. Lots of possibilities.

JennyMac said...

gorgeous writing.

Jeeves said...


Gel said...

I bet she does remember...
Terrific writing. Sensual and tender as you deftly convey that aching yearning, forever engraved in his heart.

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