blind sided

The other morning I was blind sided by the morning news.
Hey, my wife yelled as I was taking my shower, there's a way to make money with your blogging.
They are going to tell you how in a minute, hurry up.
Oh no, I groaned to myself.  Now blogging is going to be a job.  Damn, I thought, I just want to write some thoughts.  I do not want it to be  a business.  I knew what was coming.  Join Ad Sense and get paid for advertising.  Advertise your business on your blog and the readers will spend all their money on your product.  I groaned to myself again.  I finished my shower and joined my wife in front of the TV and I was right.  The local news jockey was explaining to her all about ad sense and making money on your blog.
See,  she said,  you can make money with your writing.  I didn't say it out loud but the only money I ever want to make with my writing is by selling it.  I answered that I wanted people to come and read what I say and not be worried about fighting through the ads.

If you read my blog I am sure the ads that you have seen are only the ones forced on me by
I have purposely stayed away from "ad sense".  I know my wife and a lot of other people would say I am not so smart not to want to make money.  Maybe I am a little on the short side when it comes to brains but I want my writing to be enjoyable for me.  I have fun writing and I feel as long as it a hobby I can enjoy it.
Now my wife will want to know when the check is coming.

When I feel a blog is being used only to sell products I quit reading it.  But I now I am in trouble.  I spend a lot of time writing and blogging and my wife is now convinced that I will get rich or rather, "we will get rich" with my blogs.  The world will go nuts about my blog and click and click and click and click on the ads and at a penny per click we will be rich.  No amount of hemming and hawing will dissuade her.

 So in order to keep peace in the household I an going to to join ad sense but not on this blog or any of the other blogs I write.  I have created a new blog devoted to animals.  Actually it will be mainly devoted to dogs but all animals will be included.  If any money is generated I will donated one half to animal shelters.
I will link to this blog on each of my other blog posts.

I am hoping with this plan I can solve two problems with one blog.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Love Dem Puppies

This is the famous "Kentucky Fried Chicken" dog.  Obviously bread and raised to protect the colonels private coop

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